My commitment to you.

I always want to be completely transparent and honest when it comes to blogging and creating content in general, as I understand that I have an audience that trusts me and the words on these pages.

I do not endorse anything I don’t personally adore, and do not work with brands unless they share my values, content, and image. I regularly turn down collaborations for this very reason!

With that said, I am proud to work with the brands I do team up with and will always make it a point to declare any paid work – whether that be a sponsored post, advertised social, or a paid video collaboration.

My sponsored blog posts and videos always include a short disclaimer, and any paid social content will feature the #ad hashtag. I’m all about transparency.

Everyone loves free gifts! AND…it is not uncommon for Affiliates to send gifts or “freebie” items for me to sample and review. I am under no obligation to feature them, use them, or even like them – though I do make an effort to try everything I’m sent. I am, however, all about sharing and promoting all my favs, and personally use or endorse a lot of products that are featured on

Oftentimes after posting a product I love, brands will send me samples of other products featured within their collections – when this happens, and I choose to endorse or recommend an item gifted, it is because I genuinely believe the product is good and choose to personally endorse it.

After much consideration, I do not find a need to mandatorily disclose when I’ve been gifted a product or item in my posts. I am more than likely to state they were a gift, directly in my post and have no ulterior motives if I choose not to disclose it. I think a lot of my readers know I do not make recommendations lightly and only endorse products or brands that again, share my values, content, and image.

You may also notice that I often use affiliate links when linking to items, products, or services. Affiliate links enable me to earn a little bit of commission when my readers buy an endorsed or recommended item, product, or service through one of my links.

I take pride in getting my readers the best deals I can find, on products I love and often times can get great deals or discounts through my Affiliate Links. These links also provide me with much-needed data to track trends, keeping me up on what’s popular to provide more relative content…and, of course, all money earned allows me to keep up with all my website content, blogs, posts, and pay for faster hosting with maybe a few extra bucks to gain more life experiences to draw from – #BloggingGoals.

Again, honesty and transparency are very important to me. As the blogging world is constantly updating and changing, so are my own personal tastes and recommendations. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have.

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